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Partners are essential, driving innovation and growth alongside us. They enrich our projects and empower our members, bridging academia and industry for impactful success.

We're eager to explore your vision.

Are you interested in advancing entrepreneurial skills and fostering economic development with us at WBC? 

Junior Initiative/Enterprise Collaboration

Showcasing partners' products or services to our network, offering a platform for visibility and engagement with potential clients and collaborators within the entrepreneurial and student community.

Mentorship Support

Collaborations with other Junior Enterprises or initiatives to pool resources, share best practices, and work on joint projects that leverage the strengths of each organization, fostering innovation and mutual growth.

Support Services

The provision of essential services (such as legal, financial, or marketing support) to WBC, aiding in the smooth operation and professional growth of our enterprise, often at a discounted rate or pro bono.


Engage in co-marketing efforts, giving WBC access to broader audiences through social media, events, and other communication channels. This exposure helps to promote WBC's activities, achievements, and opportunities to a wider community.

General Support (financial or other)

Financial contributions, donations, or other forms of assistance that support WBC's operations and projects.


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